A Way Out
Hazelight | EA Originals

I worked on this project from the start until the completion of the game, mainly as an Environment Artist, blocking out and finalizing models and textures, composing and dressing levels, as well as doing the outdoor lighting on the levels I was responsible for. I got to create the majority of the nature sets for cliffs and foliage in the game, and got to do the art for the achievement icons as well as a lot of the paintings. Below are some of the levels I was responsible for.

Additional art was created by the wonderful art team at Hazelight!

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
Starbreeze | 505 Games

I worked on Brothers throughout most of the production, mainly composing levels and making art for the environments. Some of the environment shaders in the game are made by me, as well as the game’s logo and the art for the achievements.

Arrowhead | Warner Brothers Interactive

My main responsibility during the making of Gauntlet was to build the construction kits for the level themes, as well as dressing and lighting the majority of levels that was in the original release. I also made shaders and an export script to automate the kit building process.

Kinect Disneyland Adventures
Frontier | Microsoft Game Studios

This level that I was responsible for was part of a Winnie the Pooh ride. I worked on multiple rides in this amusement park game, although this is the only one I have any screenshots from.

Frontier | Microsoft Game Studios

Environment art made way back in 2010, doing models, textures and level composition. Although these are very old by now, I still learned a lot about making stylized 3D art from this project.

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